Seven Powerful Strategies for Overcoming Life Challenges

Tested and Proven Life-Changing Keys

We live in such an era where we are constantly exposed to periods of violence, uncertainty, and hopelessness; which make us often vulnerable, distressed, and fearful. The result is an ever increasing rate of stress, depression/ stress related mental disorders, suicidal attempts, and suicides. Many are hurting and confused; while others are tossed forward and backwards—without any sense of direction and purpose! They seemed to have lost total control of their lives and being, and let their everyday life events shape and determine which way their lives go.

Consequently, this book is a timeless message and guide, aimed at bringing clarity, providing guidance, and assurance of a new hope and life…while encouraging you to be steadfast and never give up—in the face of life storms/challenges and uncertainty.

It represents one of the most practical and contemporary manual and resource book, full of powerful life changing strategies and examples to empower and enable you cope better with life challenges and uncertainties. It reveals vital keys and strategies that you could readily incorporate in your life, to enable you take complete control of your life, become more resilient, and experience a healthier and fulfilled lifestyle—irrespective of what goes on around you or in the world.

“Purchasing this book is an investment in your wellbeing, success and personal significance. The benefits of applying the strategies taught are life-lasting. I challenge you to go out and grab your copy. I look forward to hearing your testimony.” Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I of The Ga Kingdom of Ghana

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