Chicky and the Forest & The Summer Holiday Bundle



Seven-Year-old child prodigy and the world’s youngest author to publish multiple books within five months (girl), Destiny Likambi, from Liverpool, hits another landmark in her publishing journey as she releases her fifth and sixth children’s books, Chicky and The Forest and The Summer Holiday respectively, on August 19th 2023!

Destiny Likambi debuted as an author at the tender age of five with her best-selling book, The Girl on the Journey, followed by three other best-sellers, Destiny and the Troll, The Naughty Destiny and The Snow Sisters, respectively.

Following the huge success of her first four books which immediately hit the Amazon Number 1 bestseller list on diverse categories, Destiny Likambi makes history once again as she returns with two new books, Chicky and The Forest and The Summer Holiday on Saturday 19th August 2023! Chicky and The Forest was written in one day, when Destiny was just five, and inspired by her immense love for one of her favourite toys, called Chicky. Here is a special release offer for a limited time only. Get both books for just £16

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