We live in such an era of technology, where we are constantly bombarded with all sorts of information and knowledge, consciously or unconsciously. To a larger extent, most of this information, is erroneous, and does nothing other than instil pain and/or fear in us! We are constantly exposed to periods of violence, uncertainty, and hopelessness, which sap out almost all the energy from within us, making us very vulnerable, distressed, and fearful almost all the time!

There is virtually no good news out there, despite the many amazing people we have today in our societies doing amazing jobs out there! Our world is losing every sense of purpose and true meaning, and several people seem to just go with the flow, and are tossed forward and backwards, which ever direction the wind blows them to. They seem to have lost total control of their lives and being, and just let the everyday situations of life or their circumstances, shape and determine which way their lives will go, when and how? What a waste of valuable life and time on earth?

As you read this piece, I would like you to take some time out right now and examine your life today— look at your current life circumstances, whatever that maybe or may not be, I want you to know that you are blessed and privileged to still be alive today, and that life itself is an enormous gift and blessing! And because you are still alive today, there is still hope for you, and you are a victor and not a victim of your life circumstances especially the negative ones. Therefore, do not dwell in self pity, but in self love and gratitude; looking ahead of you with a brand new hope and expectation, of a wonderful and fulfilling life.

I am very conscious of the fact that you may be going through some really challenging times right now while reading this — We all are/ or have been there at least once, if not numerous times in our lives—Therefore this is to encourage you, to know that you are not alone, or what you are going through at the moment is not uncommon or peculiar to you alone. Take heart, rise up, dust yourself up and walk boldly and confidently today (with your head high up again), towards the path of living a fulfilled and happy life.

Happiness is a conscious choice and decision, and you must do everything possible to make the conscious effort to live a happy life, regardless of what life throws at you, or brings your way, now and in the future.

By Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi

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