Your Ultimate Writing & Publishing Experience!

Thinking of writing a book or already written a book and are looking for a cutting-edge publisher to simplify your writing and publishing experience and unique journey to becoming an author?

Whether you are an adult or a child, we have a bespoke package and team that is devoted to working with you throughout your writing and publishing journey with us!

All our consultants are bestselling authors with hands-on experience and a wealth of knowledge uniquely tailored to meet your individual needs!

Then get in touch today! We have bespoke packages to meet your specific needs!

You could contact me directly or Latoya now at

Publish your children’s books with us!

Is your child a passionate writer and would love to publish a book? Then we want to help you take their passion for writing to a whole new level and experience!  We are here to give you and your child the ultimate memory and legacy today! Get in touch NOW!

This young creative genius and author of 2 books/ bestselling author is here to support your incredible children unleash their inner creative genius and thrive to greater heights! Your child will also have the unique opportunity to be personally coached and mentored by Multi Award-winning Leading Empowerment & Transformation Authority and 3X Bestselling Author, Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi ( Latoya’s Mum/ Mentor & Coach)!

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