Written by 13-year-o[d Caleb Likambi.

“Your life was never meant to be lived like everyone else’s. You don’t look the same, you don’t sound the same, your talents aren’t the same and your values are unique.” Caleb Likambi

Confidence is a characteristic that nowadays many people lack, and this is my guide on how to let go of your boundaries and unlock your inner confidence. 

1: Stop comparing yourself

Reject the desire to compare yourself to others. When we compare ourselves to others, we always think of the worst things we know about ourselves to the best things we know about others. The outcome of this process always leaves us with feelings of unworthiness and less fortunate. To stop this become wiser. Tell yourself that you are not making a fair comparison and you should aspire to be like them or even better than them.

2: Celebrate your uniqueness

 Your life was never meant to be lived like everyone else. You don’t look the same, you don’t sound the same, your talents aren’t the same and your values are unique. Giving that away just for the sake of being accepted by others or a group of people is one of the worst things that you can ever do to yourself. It will always stop you from fully living your life. Instead, encourage yourself and grow the things that make you unique and find confidence in them.

3: Focus on the positives. 

Change your thinking. Focus less on the negatives and more on the positives. Stop thinking on the negative messages of the past and begin positioning yourself on the positive traits in your life today.

4: Accept your weaknesses.

Whilst reminding yourself of your weaknesses leads to a lack of self-confidence, accepting them is an important step in harnessing it to its full potential. It shows that we are not perfect and forces us to live our lives in a way that the only way to get better is to improve them. Secondly, it provides us with the firm foundation to accept failures and obstacles when they come our way. We are not caught off-guard when we fail. Instead, we use it as a block to strengthen our foundation.

5: Begin realizing a life goal 

Once you have done all the steps above, begin working towards your life goals. Know that taking the first step is a momentum builder and will generate confidence in your life depending on what you do. There is a powerful difference between “I want to…” and “I’m beginning to…”. Stop telling yourself it’s out of reach and take the first step. 


The most important step though is to believe in yourself; because if you don’t take the first step and believe in yourself, then why would anyone else believe in you? Like a baby eagle as soon as it’s able to work, it’s pushed out of its comfort zone and dropped down from high. If many people were given wings and put in this position, they would scream and shout, but eagles simply let go of their fear and use their wings for good. It’s their confidence in dire moments that allows them to fly; which is why when you are given something you should use it to your maximum and let go of your fear and loss.

For example, what many people do is save money due to their fear of losing it; but if people never had the confidence to start a business or invest, where would we be today? All big brands and successful entrepreneurs started off small or low and had to take a risk that required confidence. So, that’s why we all need confidence as it plays a big role in everyday life. 

Written by Michael Caleb Likambi

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