World’s Youngest Author to Publish Multiple Books & Her Siblings Celebrated Black History Month At St Cuthbert’s Primary School!

With so much to do last month, we never had the chance to share this remarkably inspirational story and pictures!

Last month our young authors and children, Latoya, Caleb, and Destiny Likambi had the unique opportunity to share their inspirational journey as authors and inspire their peers and budding writers at St Cuthbert’s Primary School Liverpool as part of the Black History Month Celebrations! On behalf of the authors, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the senior management team at St Cuthbert’s Primary for this special privilege granted to them to inspire and encourage their peers to unlock their creativity and full potential.

The siblings, who are from Liverpool, UK, have collectively written and published 15 books, making them some of the youngest published authors in the world. Latoya, the eldest, started her writing journey at just seven years old and published her first book at 10, Destiny followed in her footsteps, and became a published author at the tender age of five, and Caleb, after being challenged by his younger sister of five, became a published author at the age of 12 years.

The event at St Cuthbert’s Primary School was one of many opportunities that the siblings have had as part of their mission to inspire and encourage children to develop a love for reading and writing, and eventually write their own books. They have visited schools, libraries, community centres, and events across the country, spreading their message of empowerment and creativity.

The authors mum, Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi had this t say: “Many congratulations, to you all as you continue to stay focused, driven, and grounded in your journeys as authors/ entrepreneurs and positive role models for young children around the world – We are incredibly proud of you and truly blessed to be your parents.”

If you would like to find out more about these young authors and positive role models for young people and their books or invite them at your school or event, please, contact us/their mum or visit Likambi Global Publishing website at: LIKAMBI GLOBAL PUBLISHING – Your Ultimate Writing & Publishing Experience

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