Our Gifted & Talented Children and Young Authors Captured During and After Their Exclusive Interview On BBC Radio Merseyside With The Phenomenal Ngunan Adamu Tonight ❤️

Liverpool’s inspirational young authors, along with the world’s youngest author to publish multiple books within months, Latoya, Caleb, and Destiny Likambi respectively, were honoured and privileged to spend some quality time tonight on BBC Radio Merseyside, where they had the unique privilege to be interviewed by the inspirational Ngunan Adamu  on her prestigious UK Black Show!

Listen to the full inspirational interview below.

The young authors are committed to inspiring and empowering young people to cultivate a deep love for reading and to unlock their creativity and fulfil their maximum potential. They accomplish this by running diverse writing/ creative projects, events; and by organising book tours and Book Launch Projects that are designed to inspire and give young people the platform, resources, and confidence they need to unleash their creative genius and thrive in life. They also passionately encourage aspiring young writers to pursue their passion for writing and illustrate the potential for a successful future in the literary world.

As a family and publishing company, we extend our profound and heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful Ngunan Adamu  for having them and making them feel at home.

What a a way to end what has been a remarkably productive and inspirational month of March during which we have been very busy running World Book Day Symposium, Women’s Day Symposium, inspirational Workshops, coaching and mentoring and receiving some heart-warming Press about our work and that of our Co-founder, Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi!

Find out more the authors and how your children, schools, libraries, or community could benefit from their remarkable work and inspirational books here: EMPOWERMENT – LIKAMBI GLOBAL PUBLISHING


Watch the replay of the interview here:

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