PRESS RELEASE: Gifted & Talented 12-Year-Old Caleb Likambi From Liverpool Releases Debut Children’s Book

Reading is such fun. It has the power to expand your imagination and take you into different parts and cultures of the world at the same time.” Caleb Likambi

Coming from a family of talented young writers, Caleb Likambi debuts as an author at the age of 12 with his book Tammy and the Shipwreck, which follows the adventure of Tammy as he follows the clues to hunt down his great-great-grandfather’s treasure.

Challenged earlier this year by his younger sister and the nation’s youngest author Destiny Likambi to publish a book, Caleb wrote Tammy and the Shipwreck in just under a week and, with this debut, joins his sisters as one of the UK’s youngest authors.

All of the illustrations in Tammy and the Shipwreck, are done by Caleb and revamped by a professional illustrator, and the book is set to be released in January 2022.

"Never allow anyone or anything to stop your God-given dreams." - Caleb Likambi

ABOUT THE BOOK: Tammy and the Shipwreck

Welcome to the exciting tale of Tammy, a young boy who had been bored until he found a letter in his attic that told him of treasure and adventure.

Join Tammy on his journey as he encounters sailors, desert islands, and underwater caves, and uses his courage and bravery to search for the secret letters left behind by his great-great grandfather.

Will Tammy be able to follow the clues and find the lost treasure? Pick up a copy of Tammy and the Shipwreck to find out!

For more information, bulk orders, and interviews, please contact Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi at or, Tel: +44 (0)7539216072


"You have to be confident at all times and always believe in yourself and ability to succeed." - Caleb Likambi

Michael Caleb Likambi is the 12-year-old gifted and talented brother of the UK's youngest author, Destiny Likambi, and Liverpool’s bestselling author of three books, Latoya Likambi. He is an ultra-confident and grounded young gentleman, whose kind, compassionate and humble personality makes him a true people's boy. Caleb is always standing up for those who are bullied and ill-treated, and is fondly referred to as the "soft giant."

Caleb has been on the school council on more than one occasion in his primary school, and is currently the head captain/ boy of Year 7 in his secondary school; he is also a true and natural sportsman, who has won numerous trophies, both as an individual and for his school.

Caleb’s genuine passion for reading and learning is second to none, and goes back to his childhood when he would read until he fell asleep. He's read over 600 books to date, and never stops reading and requesting new books almost every week.


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