PRESS RELEASE: Remarkable Child Prodigy from Liverpool, Destiny Likambi Returns with Exciting New Book!

“I love reading and my books are for children who are learning to read and who love reading just like me.”

Destiny Likambi

Incredible six-year-old author Destiny Likambi continues her series of Destiny Books – named after the author herself – with her thrilling new story Destiny and the Troll.

Earlier in the year, Destiny made history by becoming the UK’s youngest author at the age of five, taking the baton from her older sister and best-selling author Latoya. Destiny’s hugely successful debut The Girl on the Journey was a children’s book illustrated, narrated, and written by the young prodigy, and follows the journey of the brave Alena after she gets lost.

This amazing feat is only the beginning for the young author. This December, Destiny follows up her debut with her second book Destiny and the Troll, which takes us on a thrilling new adventure into the woods!

ABOUT THE BOOK: Destiny and the Troll:

In her new book, Destiny sets out on an exhilarating new quest into the woods, and this time her journey comes with a spooky twist. Her inspiring tale involves encounters with an odd, mysterious creature, and Destiny must use her courage and bravery to save the day. What will she discover during her travels? Join Destiny on her exciting new adventure to find out!

“I am excited to write my own books because I don’t just want to read other people’s books, I want to do more.”

– Destiny Likambi


Destiny is currently one of the world’s youngest published authors and UK’s Youngest author, who published her debut book at age, five.

Youngest of three loving and talented siblings, the now six-year-old Cameroonian-British Destiny Likambi is an inspiring, confident young girl and positive role model for children globally, who dreams of inspiring other children to write with her own stories, after she became the UK’s youngest author at the age of five.

She has displayed a love of reading and writing from an early age, and even illustrates her own books in collaboration with a professional artist, giving an added element of character to her work that matches her own fun, outgoing personality. The art, story, and title of each book is chosen by Destiny herself, who is heavily involved in the creative process despite her young age, and she even has a third and forth book on the way!

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