5-Year-old sister of Liverpool’s youngest author, Destiny Likambi, to become one of the world’s youngest authors and paves the way for a new generation of children writers.

“I am so excited and thrilled to become an author because I know that everyone will love my book… because of the way I expressed myself.” 5-year-old Destiny Likambi

Liverpool’s youngest best-selling author of three books, Latoya Likambi hands over the baton to her 5-year-old baby sister, Destiny Likambi, who will not only become the UK’s youngest author but probably the world’s.

“I would like mothers to buy my book for their children who are learning how to read so it can help them with their reading.” 5-year-old Destiny Likambi

Destiny Likambi, a 5-year-old Cameroonian-British is definitely about to make history as she sets out to publish her debut children’s book, “The Girl on The Journey”, with two more books to follow thereafter. In addition to this, she has named her series of books, Destiny Books – after her name!  

The book was narrated, written, and illustrated by Destiny over two days in March 2021 and later on typed by her big sister and will be published by Likambi Global Publishing Ltd in August 2021.

About The Book – The Girl on The Journey:

Do you like adventures? Well, then, come along with Elena on her hectic journey after getting lost. She lets her bravery, courage, and optimism take over as she takes on a new adventure full of surprising turns, people, weather changes and much more! Will she make it back home to her mother and sister safely?

About Destiny Likambi:

Destiny Likambi is a 5-year-old Cameroonian-British from Liverpool, England. She’s the last of three adorable and loving siblings (and younger sister of Liverpool’s outgoing youngest bestselling Author of Three Books, Latoya Likambi). She is a very audacious, courageous, and confident little girl with a very wide imagination. She’s also quite chatty and often refers to herself as a “chatter box” and fondly referred to as the passionate and energetic speaker of the house, who almost never stops talking.

Her passion for storytelling and art goes back to her nursery days when she always looked forward to telling everyone about her day in the nursey and often brought home some drawings and paintings. She also loves reading, listening to bedtime stories, and making up/ telling her own stories before bed. Her love for storytelling and art gave birth to her debut book and 2 other books to be published in October.  All of the illustrations in the book were done by her and later sent to a professional artist (whom she gave specific instructions to and requested several amendments to ensure that her original concept and piece of art was maintained).  She also came up with the title of each her books and decided that all her book series would be published under the name “Destiny Books”. Little Destiny is a very loving, kind, and caring little girl with a truly adorable and grounded personality. She never stops putting a smile on the faces of her siblings and parents, and always amazes them with some “unexpected” new vocabulary and expressions.

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