Theme: Inspiring Women To Thrive Beyond Bias and Societal Norms

Join us on Saturday 19th March 2022 from 1:00pm at The Liverpool Marriott Hotel for an Unprecedented Women’s Conference in celebration of International Women’s Day 2022.

The Inspire Women Conference’s key objective is to empower and inspire women globally to develop the skills, confidence, and tenacity required to thrive and soar beyond societal norms, limitations and stereotypes… and become UNSTOPPABLE!

When and where biases, stereotypes and societal norms cannot be broken, we must thrive and excel beyond them!

Join diverse inspirational/successful women and visionary leaders and be empowered with practical strategies, techniques and resources that will enable you to thrive in challenging situations and environments.

Listen and Learn from the stories, successes and wisdom of global female leaders and visionaries who have challenged the status quo and continue to do so and thrive amidst all odds and ends.

There will be inspirational interviews with successful and resilient female visionaries and positive role models, an inspiring panel discussion and workshop to explore the theme in greater depth.

Sit back, relax and have fun with an Inspiring Liverpool-Based Gospel Choir and Original Belly Dance Entertainment.

Benefits of attending:

  • Leave with a clear vision and purpose to govern your life
  • Gain the confidence and skills needed to thrive and excel in any environment
  • Gain awareness of your greatest strengths, uniqueness, and worth
  • Gain the skills and wisdom needed to become mentally resilient and unstoppable
  • Network and connect with vision-driven women, entrepreneurs and mentors
  • Learn how to unleash the leader in you and become unstoppable
  • Destress and relax with some cutting-edge Gospel Choir & Music

This conference is jointly brought to you by Voice of Nations cic and AP Coaching and Mentoring Academy cic and sponsored by Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi and Angela Preston respectively.

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