“Anyone can write a book at any age, even at three or at 99!” Says six-year-old author of multiple books, Destiny Likambi

World’s Youngest Author To Publish Multiple Books Makes History Once Again After Releasing Two New Books THIS WEEK!

Following the huge success of her first two books, six-year-old world’s youngest bestselling author to publish multiple books, Destiny Likambi, returns with two new exciting books on the Destiny Books Series, The Naughty Destiny and The Snow Sisters, respectively, which were published this week!

The Naughty Destiny, which follows the story of Destiny who has always wanted to go to the beach. The Naughty Destiny is the third release by author Destiny Likambi in the series, Destiny Books. While The Snow Sisters, the fourth book in the Destiny Book Series, is an intriguing tale of two sisters who live in a small village in northern Greenland and have known nothing but snow for most of their lives, but are given the chance to explore a new reality different from what they have always known!

About The Naughty Destiny

In this edition of Destiny Books, Destiny Likambi brings you another exciting and fun-filled story of the young and mischievous Destiny. Despite having a great love for nature and an interesting life of endless adventures with her family, Destiny had never been to the beach, and she thought this was the perfect moment to so, and Destiny wouldn’t take no for an answer or allow anything or anyone to get in her way. Would Destiny finally make it to the beach against all odds? And if so, would it be a great success or disaster? Follow The Naughty Destiny to find out.

All of the illustrations in The Naughty Destiny and The Snow Sisters are done by Destiny Likambi and revamped by a professional illustrator, and both books were released on the 17th of August and are available to order from our website or on Amazon.

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About The Snow Sisters:

The Snow Sisters, by the world’s youngest author to publish multiple books within the span of just a few months, Destiny Likambi, brings you another thrilling adventure in the Destiny Books series.

Meet the dynamic and cheerful sisters, Sheryl and Jenaiah, who live in a small village in beautiful northern Greenland and have known nothing but snow for most of their lives. One day, they get the chance to visit the beach, but how will the Snow Sisters react to leaving their cold little village for the very first time?

Join the Snow Sisters as they leave the snow behind and have a fun, never-ending adventure in the sun! 

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About The Author, Destiny Likambi

“I am excited to write my own books because I don’t just want to read other people’s books, I want to do more,” Destiny Likambi

Destiny Likambi is an inspirational six-year-old British best-selling author of two books from Liverpool, England. She is the world’s youngest author to publish multiple books within five months, and she was officially recognized and endorsed by the International Book of Records for setting a new world record as the world’s youngest author to publish multiple books within five months.

Destiny published her debut book, The Girl on the Journey, at the age of five, and then four months later, she published her second book, Destiny and the Troll, at the age of six, which earned her this world record. Destiny has now set to publish four books at the age of six, and the Snow Sisters is her fourth book in the Destiny Books series. She has also finished her fifth and sixth book, which will be published later this year.

She is a highly celebrated, world-renowned author who has featured on renowned TV stations/ News and major newspapers and media platforms and


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