“You must never give up on your dreams, no matter what.” Caleb Likambi

Multi-talented and gifted young author, Caleb Likambi, from Liverpool who published his debut best-selling book, Tammy and the Shipwreck, earlier this year and two other books this summer is set to release his fourth and fifth book, The Stepbrothers and Wartime respectively, this month. All of the illustrations in both books are done by Caleb and revamped by a professional illustrator, and the books are the third and fourth instalments in the “Life Lessons” series by Caleb Likambi.


The Stepbrothers uncovers the challenging life of Andrew, who was only one month old when he was left outside of an adoption centre. Just when he thought he had found his perfect family and was ready to bring out his inner child and fill the void within him with joy and happiness, he was hit by a series of ongoing traumas and never-ending problems from his stepbrother, Tom. From incidents of spitefulness to bullying, blackmail, and betrayal, Tom was determined to make Andrew’s life unbearable.

Follow Andrew on his journey to heal his childhood wounds, make peace with his stepbrother, and solve the mysteries and confusion that have formed within him since the day he was abandoned.


Wartime, on the other hand,tells the story of Evan, who had always lived the life of a prince, with everything handed to him on a golden platter and more. However, as Evan doesn’t seem to have much company, he meets a girl (Leanne) from a well-known family from the neighbouring country and they bond immediately. Their bond only grew stronger. Until one day they received news that put them both into shock… Their countries were going to war with each other! Will this war be the last straw that rips Evan and Leanne’s relationship apart? Or will they find hope and stay together in the midst of war? Both books are currently available to pre-order and will be officially released on the 30th of November.

Caleb’s debut book, Tammy and the Shipwreck, was written in 2021 and released in early 2022 after being challenged to publish a book by his then five-year-old sister, Destiny Likambi (The World’s Youngest Author to Publish Multiple Books). “Life Lessons” by Caleb Likambi aims to inspire young people to work hard, follow their dreams, and never give up in life, irrespective of their background or the circumstances they are faced with in life.


Coming from a family of talented young writers, Michael Caleb Likambi debuted as an author at the age of 12 with his best-selling book, Tammy and the Shipwreck, and in less than a year, he has published five books.

Caleb and his siblings have received special recognitions for their work and have collaborated with diverse libraries and schools across Liverpool to host a series of book tours and events. As a young author, his goal is to create diversity in children’s literature and make the books available to young people and inspire as many children as possible to unlock their creative genius and full potential. He is determined to inspire his peers to develop a love for reading and writing, and he wants others to write their own books.

Caleb is an ultra-confident and grounded young gentleman, whose kind, compassionate, and humble personality makes him a true friend to many. He always stands up for those who are bullied or mistreated, and he is fondly referred to as the “soft giant.” He is a positive role model for children and young people all across the globe.

He is currently the Head Boy of Year 8 at his secondary school and has been on the School Council numerous times throughout his time in primary school. He is also a true and natural sportsman, who has won numerous trophies and awards, both as an individual and for his primary and secondary schools.

Caleb’s genuine passion for reading and learning is second to none, which goes back to his childhood when he would read until he fell asleep. He’s read over 650 books to date and never stops requesting new books. He has been interviewed by diverse media platforms, including BBC Radio Merseyside, on multiple occasions.

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